An overview of the famous Dubai Creek and how is it a major attraction

The Dubai Creek is one of the most historical as well as popular parts of Dubai and is a major attraction of the city. This huge salt waterway runs through the middle of the city and separates the Deira as well as the Bur Dubai area of the city.

The waterway ends naturally at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary after running for around fourteen kilometers from its source of origin. The eastern, as well as the western parts of the waterway, are connected by four bridges. They are the Al Garhoud Bridge, Business Bay Crossing Bridge, and Al Maktoum Bridge as well as the Al Shindagha.

Dubai creek

How is the Dubai Creek a major tourist location?

This waterway is a major part of the city and enables visitors to wander along its banks and enjoy the active surrounding that is going on. The location echoes with every noise as well as the activity of loading and unloading of cargo transport dhows. These vessels are part of the famous trade routes to places to and from the city to countries like East Asia, India as well as Pakistan.

When tourists will travel along the famous waterway through a water taxi or commonly known as Abra, they will move along the waterway and move towards the souks of Deira. Tourists also have the option of taking a one-hour boat journey along the waterway, where they will get the chance to view every different aspect of the waterway like the modern-day landmarks along with historical and famous buildings like the Heritage Village as well as the Sheikh Saeed’s villa. Tourists can contact the tour-Dubai – Dubai Creek and expect to get a good tour of the entire waterway.

Some other popular attractions of the place

There is the availability of night-time Creek cruises which lets tourists sail on huge wooden vessels known as Dhows. Such cruises generally offer travelers a pre-paid Arabic buffet dinner package as well as drinks. So, tourists can enjoy the waterway with such wonderful cruises, which will make the place an enjoyable one and can later cherish them. Tourists will also be entertained on chosen cruises by belly dancing as well as traditional Arabic music.

Another popular attraction of the waterway is the Creekside Park. This place is situated along the waterway between the Maktoum Bridge as well as the Garhoud Bridge. This park has incredibly landscaped public gardens as well as nice paved walkways. They provide a cost-effective, fun family day out. Thus, this place serves as the ideal place for a good family vacation and will be enjoyed by every member of a family be it a child or the oldest member.

Dubai creekAt the waterway’s end, there is the presence of a shallow lagoon. It is known by the name of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is a home to several migrating shore birds such as the Better Flamingo and many others. The waterway bank has numerous world-class hotels as well as recreational venues like golf courses and yachting clubs.

Dubai creek


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